Integrated logistics in «door-to-door» format.

M2B Logistics, having long-term experience, process and intellectual potential, offers a wide set of solutions that covers the whole range of logistic tasks that enterprises of different types and scales encounter.

The partnership principle, which is the basis of M2B Logistics work, provides thorough analysis of clients’ needs, considers clients’ features and quick mutual communication during the whole period of cooperation.


Delivery of goods by all means of transport (sea, air, truck, railway) from any country to any destination in Russia.

We will pick up your cargo at any place.
We will prepare shipping documents and inform you about the stages of delivery.
We will provide safe delivery of your cargo.
We will deliver your cargo to the final consignee.
We will design the best scheme for delivery of goods.

We will deliver any cargo.
Your cargo will be loaded and fastened properly.
We will ensure safety of delivery.
We will ensure safekeeping of your cargoes.
We will use proper means of transport.

Design of engineering solutions for delivery of oversized and special-purpose cargoes.

We will ensure customs clearance at any customs checkpoint.
We are able to submit customs declaration to any remote customs checkpoint.
We can pay customs payments from our office.
We manage large shipments (> 1 000 items).
We will define all risks and offer the way to avoid them.

We will find the most suitable for clients’ business warehouse.
We will cut expenditures.
We will ensure safe condition for your cargoes.
We will cut expenses due to our own IT software.
We will find a warehouse at any place in Russia.

Placing, handling and storage of cargoes at private and temporary storage warehouses.

Certificates for the purpose of import and selling goods in the territory of Customs Union.

We will arrange sampling.
We will carry out the examination of goods range.
We will prepare a set of necessary documents.
We will get certificates.
We will monitor the validity period of certificates.

We will interact with warehouses and customs authorities.
We will get shipping documents quickly.
We will check if your cargo is intact.
We will prepare a set of shipping documents for the next stage of delivery.
We will get your cargo from the warehouse and pass it to the carrier.

Freight forwarding at Russian air and seaports.

Designing of logistic projects that consider individual clients’ features and requirements.

We will optimize the actual logistic schemes.
We will audit the logistic activity of your company.
We will protect your rights in customs and in court.
We will prepare commercial and shipping documents.
We will help to increase the effectiveness of your inventories and procurement.

  • Focus on client

  • Integrated logistics
    Team of experts
    Meaningful dialog
    Administration of complicated projects
    Safe delivery
    Safe storage
    Innovative technology
    You get our answer in 24 hours
    We work 7 days per week
  • Components of solutions

  • Door-to-door
    Logistics of projects
    Engineering solutions
    Accurate declaration
    Warehouse logistics
    All means of transport
    Freight forwarding at ports
    Airfreight logistics
  • 99% of worldwide routes

  • Europe Russia
    China Nakhodka Moscow
    China Saint-Peterburg Moscow
    America Saint-Peterburg Russia
    Ukraine Russia
    Europe Nakhodka Russia
    Moscow airports
    Baltic States Russia
    Asia Novorossiysk Moscow
  • In market trend

  • Became a tender winner
    Signed an agreement
    Development of cooperation
    Solution for medicine
    Working team visits you
    Logistics for fashion industry
    Quickly from China to Moscow
    Social responsibility
    Reduction of logistics expenses

M2B Logistics’s staff is a united team of experts that can manage any situation and ensure precise and swift performing of taken decisions.

Reporting Senior Specialist
Head of Customs Clearance Department
Tatiana LEVINA
Head of Warehouse Services Department

The leaders of M2B Logistics are professional managers that are experts at the field of logistics.

The adjusted management system allows to increase the quantity of clients and to develop business not only in Moscow region but all over Russia.

The future plans of M2B Logistics are constantly expanding set of new services for present and new clients.

Chief Financial Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Alexander ZIUZIN
Advisor to Executive Director
Director for External Projects
Head of Human Relations
Head of IT Department
Alexander EROSHIN
Project Manager
Head of Legal Department
Freight Forwarding Expert

Our clients are the greatest value for M2B Logistics.

We are always striving to provide each client a full range of logistics services, using the latest achievements in sphere of information technology, perpetual improving the quality of services.

Focus on results

We arrange the goods delivery and cargo tracking in the «door-to-door» format. Our clients no need to manage of difficult logistics interactions and no need to cooperate with greater number of subcontractors and partners.

With solid track record

M2B Logistics are managed by professional close-knit team trained to find solutions in any situation. Enhanced system of business management provides solving of all client's challenges in the field of logistics services rendering in and outside Russia.

Transparency and openness

The openness and willingness to engage in constructive dialogue are the key principle of information policy of M2B Logistics.


Share of final consignees

9 844

Average quantity of goods items processed within 24 hours


Average quantity of client's requests within one workday

55 793

Net weight of cargo delivered in 2018 year, tons

  • Moscow

  • Moscow
  • The project of management system establishing of documented workflow of customs clearance for OBI company

  • Saint Petersburg

  • Saint Petersburg
  • Project of goods declaring and customs clearance support for TOTAL VOSTOK company

  • Incheon

  • Incheon
  • Warehouse handling at the Moscow airports (DME/SVO) and customs clearance of SAMSUNG company goods produced in South Korea

  • Vladivostok

  • Vladivostok
  • Supply chain design of goods delivery to Siberian and Far Eastern cities for OPUS company

  • Warsaw

  • Warsaw
  • Customs clearance of goods from Europe and Asia for SOUDAL company in Smolensk and in SPb seaport

  • Kaliningrad

  • Kaliningrad
  • Outsourcing of goods assortment processing (cleared for import) for LEROY MERLIN VOSTOK company in respect to transit shipments to Kaliningrad

  • Lipetsk

  • Lipetsk
  • M2B was honored in «Customs operator in Russia» category within the tender organized by WHIRLPOOL company. Customs clearance of goods imported / exported within Russia and Customs Union

  • Mumbai

  • Mumbai
  • Multimodal transportation from Russia and customs clearance of steel products exported to India for EVRAZ company

  • London

  • London
  • Project of multimodal transportation of engineering equipment to an exhibition in England in collaboration with ILC of VOLGA-DNEPR Group

  • Helsinki

  • Helsinki
  • Rail transportation of PANASONIC company goods by using shuttle container train

  • New York

  • New York
  • Project of multimodal transportation of goods for GILBARCO | DANAHER company

  • Milan

  • Milan
  • Design the logistics solution for manufacturers of fashion goods in collaboration with BERETTI Group | MAIMEX logistics providers

  • Orel

  • Orel
  • Arrangement the customs clearance of goods export for URSA company with further delivery support

  • Geneva

  • Geneva
  • Arrangement for ZEPTER company the customs clearance of goods made in Switzerland

  • Moscow

  • Moscow
  • Development of logistics project of cargo consolidation, transportation and customs clearance of equipment for constructed MOSCOW hotel | FOUR SEASONS

  • Smolensk

  • Smolensk
  • Arrangement the customs clearance of excise goods for RUSSIAN STANDARD Group

  • Tver

  • Tver
  • Project of warehouse handling and customs clearance of goods for online-shop

  • Nakhodka

  • Nakhodka
  • Customs clearance by using system of remote goods release for DIGICOM company

  • Saint Petersburg

  • Saint Petersburg
  • Integrated logistics solution (freight forwarding and customs clearance) for WHIRLPOOL company in SPb seaport

  • Yakutsk

  • Yakutsk
  • Development of project of multimodal transportation and customs clearance of bulky oil-production equipment for ROSNEFT company

  • Beijing

  • Beijing
  • Outsourcing of goods assortment processing (import deliveries to Russia from China) for LEROY MERLIN VOSTOK company

  • Alby-sur-Cheran

  • Alby-sur-Cheran
  • Customs clearance of pharmaceutical products and warehouse handling for GALDERMA company in partnership with ITELLA Finnish provider of logistics services in Russia

  • Heubach

  • Heubach
  • Arrangement the outsourcing of import deliveries processing and customs clearance of goods for TRIUMPH company

  • Baku

  • Baku
  • Implementation of door-to-door supply chain (integrated logistics solution) from Russia to Azerbaijan for SAMSUNG goods needed for support centres

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